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Camera detectors

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Are these any good? I have six points and dont want any more, are the GPS ones worth their £500 price tags? If they work it will be cheaper than an insurance hike and fine. The Snooper S6 neo claims to see lazer and radar 2 miles away because (according to them) they focus on your car the nearer you get. They would say that though wouldn't they.

Makes me wonder why waste money on a porsche with all this camera crap, should I change the order for a Smart car? Flush.gif

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There are several threads about this topic, I suggest you do a quick search. There's stuff on the Micro Road Pilot here (which is supposed to be one of the best), Trafficmaster, which seems to be a handy thingy as well (see a few threads below here ). And there's a thread about the Top Gear (or Fifth Gear) review, which concluded the Road Pilot and Origin B2 came out best IIRC.

Seems in the UK the GPS is most used, while here we like the detectors or combo's (GPS+Radar, which is possible with (Micro) Road Pilot a.o.)

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Could I suggest a simple policy that works very well for me (even withthe porsche) - dont speed grin.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I generaly don't but there are more of these things going up daily and a momentary lapse of concentration in the wrong place is all it takes to get caught. It is far easier to gain the extra 6mph needed in a Boxter/TT than it is in something like a Micra.

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I have switched from a geodessey to Roadangel, and whilst the roadangel is a little more fiddly to update, it does have the benefit of being able to warn you of genuine accident blackspots, so it gives you advanced warning of danger areas if you on unfamiliar ground.

It also has a database of various camera locations, and a laser detector. You can get these brand new for about £320 if you shop around!

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