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Responce from BP


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Wow, Had a response from BP about my comments on their website, and fuel.


More Performance:Less Pollution

Dear Mr Snail,

Thank you for your email received in this office and your encouragement!

This fuel was introduced mainly as a response to our customers, such as yourself, demand for choice - and BP's desire to bring a product on to the market that delivers more performance and less pollution. Diesel cars are growing in popularity and sales of Diesel cars in the UK have increased in volume by 10 per cent a year over the past three years. Also Diesel engines are getting more sophisticated and so is BP diesel fuel. We are very glad that you are happy with our product.

I also appreciate the comment you have made about out Ultimate website. Aas such have forwarded this complaint to the webmaster to ensure that they are aware we are receiving complaints of this nature and to see if we can work towards a solution which allows you to distinguish between the two varieties of Ultimate fuel.

Thank you for your interest in our new advanced fuels and please don't hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions regarding BP's new advanced performance petrol and diesel fuels.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Doherty

Customer Advisor

[/ QUOTE ]

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......... and here is mine, fulla crap, but there you go !

Dear Mr fatcat,

Thank you for your query received in this office regarding BP Ultimate fuel.

I am pleased to inform you that BP ensures that throughout our network, all pump decors are consistent and highlight the grade of fuel. The grade of fuel is displayed on the side panel and on the pump head. All nozzles are colour coded and also again highlight the grade of fuel with a written description to make it easier for our customers when dispensing. BP Ultimate Unleaded is a bright light blue and BP Ultimate Diesel is a dark blue; this helps distinguish the Ultimate range of fuels from our standard Unleaded and Diesel.

We advertise on our main polesigns the Ultimate name to inform our customers as to which sites stock the Ultimate fuels. Unfortunately some of our sites do not have the latout of tanks which allows them to stock four types of fuel (Unleaded, diesel and the 2 Ultimate fuels).

The price of petrol is determined by several more tangible factors such as the international price of crude, the cost of product (i.e. what it costs BP to buy the product) which in turn is affected by the £/$ exchange rate, distribution costs (what it costs to get the product to the service station), the overheads of staffing and running the service station and not least the level of Government Duty & VAT, which in itself amounts to some 75 per cent of the total pump price.

Some of the factors that affect the ultimate pump price are therefore outside BP's control. We strive to keep to an absolute minimum the costs that we can control (including the cost of the Nectar loyalty scheme) in order to be competitive and provide our customers with value for money. Reflecting those efforts, we would point out that before tax and duty, the price of petrol on UK forecourts is the lowest in Europe.

Thank you for your interest in our new advanced fuels and please don't hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions regarding BP's new advanced performance petrol and diesel fuels; or any other query.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Doherty

Customer Advisor

0800 402 402

at least they replied.

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yelrotflmao.gifyelrotflmao.gif @ the things you soot peddlars need to do just to get some "motoring enjoyment"

i think everyone should write to this dude and make his entire day devoted to answering ts.net inquisitive questions grin.gif

I nominate

- Why does the pump nozzle have to be blue?

- Why can't you make diesel smell nicer? Maybe you could add Lynx to it and get them on board to Nectar. Adding also that you want 10% of profits for the idea and could he come back to you with his views

- Why do all the other petrol stations have names but BP just has initials?

and so on and so forth! tongue.gif

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