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just about to order my new a4 cabrio 3.0 quattro


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Hello to everyone here on this site! I need some good advice as i have spent the last 2 months choosing which Audi Cabrio to go for.

My options so far started with the 2.4 sport multitronic which the dealer has still not managed to get a demo for me for the weekend "west London Audi". I have my doubts that the 2.4 sport auto is just not beefy enough underpowerd for such a heavy car and i dont like the sound of the C.V.T transmission.

Then the dealer got me a 3.0 sport quattro tiptronic for the weekend which my first impressions is abousluty fab it has a great beefy sound and is quick and the handeling was very secure the only down side was the amount of petrol this car drinks and also the noise when motoring really fast! I KNOW THE SAYING "IF YOUR WORRIED ABOUT THE PETROL CONSUMPTION YOU CANT AFFORD THE CAR"! but hay i want this car to really go...

the spec that i have gone for is as follows: 3.0 sport quattro tiptronic in Moro blue, blue hood, aniseed leather, bose sound sytem, 4 spoke multi stering wheel, heated front seats, heated/folding mirrors,acoustic parking system, and xeion headlights with 6 arm diamond wheels.

Its the first real expensive car i have brought ian 29 years old. iam very nervious that iam making the right move with regards to the enigine size and spec it is a lot of money and this has to be spot on as once i have signed on the dotted line there is no going back.

If you guys help me out on this subject i would be very greatful!

thank you!

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Hey Aristo,

First of all, just ask for additional test drives if you are not completely sure; after all it is a lot of money!

I see what you mean about the multitronic sound; the first miles/days you have the impression that you are driving an electric car...

And still, when I drive curvy/slopy roads I prefer the manual gear selection (from the steering wheel!!!) as you feel more in control of the engine, making best use of its torque.

I drove the 2.4, 3.0 and finally went for the 2.5 TDI.

The 3.0 is absolute fabulous ECLIPSe.gif

The 2.4 is not a sports car and you should drive it that way; cruising, not racing.

The TDI is just smooth, great for long distances, and quit fast on accelerating from 80-140 km/h

If you just prefer a more sporty car go for the 3.0, but make sure you buy the sports package (seats and suspension).

Otherwise you might feel it is not in balance.

If you go for the 2.4 you have more money left for add-ons like navi plus etc.

So: it's a hard choice. In my opinion you should not make your choice based on fuel consumption (at least not for these type of cars) as in the end it all comes down to almost the same (you'll probably push the accelerator more often to the max in the 2.4 then in the 3.0)

Good luck with your choice!


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Thanks for the your advice, I have been going on about this for weeks and boring all my friends for hours about which car to go for i think it will be the 3.0 quattro iwant the car to really go and i love the sound the car makes when your put your foot down. I dont know but i think you will not get this in a 1.8T will you?

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I had a 3.0 sport cab (not quattro).

One piece of advice. Make sure you get a very long test drive and try driving at reasonable speed on a slightly bumpy road. As you drive, pay close attention to the damping. Is the car bouncing around all over the place, and does that annoy you? It did me and in the end I sold the car.

That was my only proper criticism of the cab - apart from the damping issues I thought it was a very fine thing. Car and Evo magazine reviews have mentioned the same ride / handling issues.

Whether or not it bothers you depends on what you want from a car, and only you can decide that. Just pointing it out in case it helps.

Cheers, viffer.

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My (strong) advice: *don't order* until you've test-driven a 2.5 TDI. Summer's a way away and you have plenty of time, and if you want smooth punchy speed without a racket (it is noisier when slow, but fabulously smooth on fast roads with the top down), you really have to try the turbodiesel before making up your mind.

Trust me - if you're like me, the thought of a diesel won't even have occurred to you before: the *only* reason I bought mine (also from West London Audi) was because of its performance, and even then I only test-drove it because it was the only demonstrator available at the time. But when I did, it was very zippy heading up the A4 and in the side roads around the back of W London Audi; much more so than the 3.0 or the 1.8T (and I think the 2.4 is slower than both). I was an instant convert.

And once you get out on the motorway, you may well find it's exactly what you want - quiet and smooth (it cruises at a near-silent 2000 rpm and accelerates with a rush from 4th or 5th gear from way over the speed limit...) - see if they can get you one on overnight or all-day loan, or if that fails then at least borrow any other 2.5 tdi manual to get a feel of the engine, and take it out past the M25 and back when the traffic is quiet.

And yes, it is economical - ish - it's not the main reason for buying a tdi (contrary to myth) and I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't for the performance, but it is a LOT less thirsty than a 3.0.

There may well be things you don't like about it - it does start with a harsh engine note when cold, and you may not like the sound in a tight side road at low speed - it's a legitimate reason not to like it and you may decide it's not for you. But TRY IT - if you do, and think "no", then fair enough - but if you don't bother because you're a "why would I ever want a diesel?" person - which is what I thought I was - then you're robbing yourself of the fastest engine in the range, and the only one which is up to the weight of this car.

Even my wife thought the 1.8T cab was too slow - and she's a girl yelrotflmao.gif (she loved the same engine in a lighter Multitronic A4 saloon, but found it sluggish in the cab). She loves the TDI.

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thanks for that, i did notice it a little bit when on the motorway going over a bump the car felt to be quite spongey.

but i must say that i really pushed the car to silly speed and it stuck to the road like glue and i could of gone a lot further with the padel but lost my nerve as i dont want to lose me licance or go straight to jail.

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Hi Aristo, welcome aboard! beerchug.gif

As you'll have gathered if you've read through the previous posts on here I'm fanatical when it comes to the Audi Cab, and did a mountain of research before I bought it.

Firstly I'd say if you haven't then do have a good read through this forum, there is loads of advice, thoughts and discussion about this car which I'm sure you'll find useful.

Secondly have a look at this review for a bit more useful info CLICK HERE

As far as specification goes, I bought mine on a bit of a budget so looked very carefully into what I felt were the absolute essentials for the Audi Cabrio and ended up with this:-

Sport pack (or at the very least sports seats)

Bose speaker package

Heated seats

Accoustic parking

Wind deflector

From your earlier post I think you've got all of these anyway.

Finally as to engines, I've driven all the petrols but not the diesel and would say.

1.8T For: Surprisingly good performance and excellent economy. Lots of "low down pull" and mid range torque. Also low emissions (useful if UK company car) Against: Not as smooth as the V6 engines, doesn't have "that V6 purr", very ordinary sounding, feels strangled if you try and rev it out.

2.4 For: V6 refinement and noise for very little more cost than 1.8T, suits the car well as a refined cruiser. Against: No more performance than the 1.8T and less torquey feeling. Heavy iron construction and an old engine. Poor fuel consumption.

3.0 For: The one to have if cost no problem. Strong performance especially when reved hard. Sounds superb. More modern alloy construction compared to 2.4. Against. Most expensive to buy, very thirsty and encourages you to drive in a way that makes it even thirstier! (Good fun though!).

Not driven the diesel but heard a lot of good things about it. For: Excellent performance combined with superb economy. Lots of mid range torque. Different. Against: Diesel sound at odds with soft top style car. Different.

Last thing, my experience with quattro (previous cars) is that it is amazing traction but you do pay for it at the pumps. Combine it with the cabrios weight and the 3.0 thirst and you'll have a superb car but a very expensive one to run!

Hope that helps, but fire away with any questions and I'm sure we'll all try to help.

Oh and Moro Blue? FABULOUS!!! notworthy.gif


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Two more quick points.

The four spoke steering wheel has the remote stereo buttons, but personally I think the three spoke sports wheel is much nicer to look at and use, and it's not like you can't reach the stereo controls. Something to think about.

Secondly, think about dash colour. I was going to go for a grey interior but the dealer warned me about dashboard reflections in the screen so I went with black and very glad I did. It doesn't bother everyone, but it would annoy me. Just something to be aware of...

The demo I borrowed had a grey dashtop, and if you look in this photo you can just about see what I mean (and this on an overcast day).


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excellent advice and yes i can see you know what you are talking about. I think this forum is fab and i look forward to posting thoughts ect ect as often as possible.

One question i thought about having is a blue dashboard to go with the moro blue or should i go for a black dashboard would that go better with annis leather?

I really think it will be the 3.0 quattro sport as it has very good handeling and i love that power it gives you when asked. petrol is heavy 348 miles on a full tank of petrol costs £50.00 but hay what a machine.

as this will be a private car i want delivery in march for next reg.

great talking a speak soon guys.

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One question i thought about having is a blue dashboard to go with the moro blue or should i go for a black dashboard would that go better with annis leather?

[/ QUOTE ]

Not sure blue dashboard is an option with Anis. Black used to be the only option. Wisely in my view - blue & yellow could be a bit much.

But it's your car and your hard-earned so my advice is get what you like and ignore what anyone else says.

Cheers, viffer.

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The blue dash has been available with the anis yellow leather since anis became available. Audi had one at the NEC car show last year in carribean blue/anis/blue dash. From a personal point of view I'm with you and wouldn't recommend the blue dash with anis as it looks way too much IMHO but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Look at Ari's car for example the_finger.gif

I'm counting the seconds 'til he flames me now .... 5...4..3..2.... I'm out of here jump.gif

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We had a blue dash in an A3 1.8T Sport Quattro which was Denim blue. Although it was a dark blue, I think the black would have been much better. It wasn't offensive, but in a convertable it is on show wink.gif

The fact that it reminded me of a Metro 1.0 City I owned as a student is neither here nor there ...

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petrol is heavy 348 miles on a full tank of petrol costs £50.00

[/ QUOTE ]

Blimey, I must be doing something wrong!!

I can get 300 miles out of a full tank if I'm lucky. This is out of my 2.4 manual which I don't exactly thrash (been there, done that).

Also, I have a grey interior & don't notice any reflection whatsoever (unlike my old MGF . .. "Where's the road gone?")

Oh, and I've got Caribbean Blue.

Caribbean blue, 2.4, grey dash ...

Makes me Mr Unpopular I guess!!


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I bought a second hand car, thus avoiding the spec issues. Just a couple of thoughts:

Fuel, I think TonyB is about spot on economy wise, you'll have to be a saint to get >300miles per tank out of a 3.0 Q Cab. You can't really base your expectation on what the on-board computer says (mine is optomistic by >10% on the mpg figure). The 1.8T and 2.5TDI are the only engines with an economical bone in there bodies.

Spec, certain features that are sometimes made out to be mandatory (e.g. heated seat with leather) are not that important. Personally I'm not bothered about the following items: Heated seats (had them in a previous Audi take too long to heat up), Wind deflector, Bose, Parking sensors (yes it can be an awkward car to park in town but I hardly ever do it).

I've always been a big fan of Audi sports steering wheels, my car has the four spoke item. I really like it, IMO it suits the car really well and the radio control although far from essential are nice to have.

Finally I have the blue interior with blue leather, it is really classy and a little less somber than black.

Good luck, enjoy the choice it's a great car. As Viffer says it's a lot of dosh, so choose what you want!


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Oh well, so you've decided the engine already - fine. I am surprised like the others at the range though - 350 miles on a tank is a bit amazing, the TDI only does around 400. I assumed a 3.0 (esp quattro) would be down in the high 200-low 300 range. That would probably annoy me a lot more (on a long drive) than the actual costs of refuelling, but if you get 350 miles between pitstops then maybe I should get one laugh.gif

I would agree with Viffer about thoroughly testing the suspension, I'm constantly fiddling with my tyre pressures to make it an acceptable ride and I can see why he didn't like his. I'd much prefer it if the underlying ironmongery of the suspension was more flexible so I didn't end up with awful handling every time the tyre pressure drops by 2 psi....

Good luck with it.

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I guess iam way out with what the on board computer was telling me but i do know for sure its thristy but i do put my foot down and boy do you see the petrol go but hay please tell my a car of this size and powerful engine that gives you a fab mpg?. I dont know why you guys keep mentioning the suspension to be really honest the quattro must have something that makes this car different from the rest as this car stuck to the road like glue. it just eat up the road with great ease.

mybe i have got the wrong end of the stick but as i only had the car for a four day test drive and i did try lots of different roads and speeds to test the car to its full cabality that is still within the law.

I am still a bit unsure as which one is the best to go for.

cheers guys and thanks for all your replies.

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The cars have a 70 litre tank - thats over 15 Uk gallons. My average economy according to the DIS is about 28MPG so thats 430 a tank. Even taking into account a 10% DIS faff its still 390-ish a tank. Got to say that this seems to tie in with how often we fill it up. My wife drives like a girl though - strangly enough!


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I dont know why you guys keep mentioning the suspension to be really honest the quattro must have something that makes this car different from the rest as this car stuck to the road like glue

[/ QUOTE ]

It's not the absolute roadholding, it's the damping. When you have the suspension loaded up in a smooth corner it all works fine. But when you're on a bumpier road the fairly stiff springs coupled with unfortunate rebound damping settings mean that body control is poor. Once you get a wobble on this can lead to the suspension being unsettled in a corner.

My limited empirical evidence suggests that some A4s are worse than others, and as GanS says, tyre pressures make a difference. As does driving style - Ari has pointed out to me in the past that the A4 cab isn't a sports car and I shouldn't judge it as such, and I agree. Just came as a shock after previous sports cars.

It's not just me though - Car magazine said in their recent group test that "someone in the damper department at Audi needs their wrist slapped". Then again they didn't point out that the 3-series interior rattles like a bag of spanners so they're not infallible...

Not trying to rain on your parade - sounds like you had a very thorough test and if the jiggle doesn't bother you or the quattro doesn't do it, that's great. I just don't want someone else to lose money like I did (only kept the car 6 months, which wasn't the original plan) because they didn't know to examine this aspect of the performance.

Cheers, viffer

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As I mentioned, I reckon I average about 290 miles on a complete tank and that is with the following points:

1. I only make short journeys every day. Usually about 15 miles in total Mon-Fri. I very rarely do any more than that. Not ideal I know, but the benefit is I'm always selling an extremely low mileage motor .. . . yelrotflmao.gif

2. I never let the tank go too low. I've used the DIS once and let it get to within 5 miles (apparently). I usually top up when it says 20-25 miles - the beeping does my head in every time I start it up! So I guess a theoretical 310-320 miles is possible for my 2.4 Sport.

3. Filling it up costs me about £45 on average.

4. I'm not that fussed. I didn't buy it for fuel economy, just the looks shocked.gif

5. I really don't get this handling thing. I've never put air in my tyres and have not noticed any unusual handling. I came to the Cab from an MX5 (voted Best Handling Car in Britain recently) and did not, in all honesty, notice that much of a difference. It handles well enough for me & I've not come across any handling problems. This may be due to my ponderous driving style.

6. With your permission, Ari, ahem . .. "It ain't no sports car."

I thank you.

Still love it though! smlove2.gif

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