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Running in and start up times.


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I don't go past about 3k until the engine is at it's normal running temp - but it does warm up quite a bit quicker than the TT does so presumably this will be the same as with the S3?

The running in period - i got told to give it beans from the moment i picked it up. VW run the engine in on a bench before it is fitted in the car so it should be already run in.

Also i got told that the ecu sets itself on the way the engine is used/abused in the first 100 miles or so. So if yu want a fast and thirsty R32, let it warm up at the dealer while he runs through the controls, then give it death!! FIREdevil.gif

Again though, with me not really having that much technical knowledge i can only regurgitate advice given to me from people who i think know what they're on about!!!

Incidentally, the tyres need about 500 miles to run in (a bit like bike ones) because of the compound used. So beware trying to pull serious lateral g's at first!!!

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Well Riz,

Mine arrived at the dealer's at the end of February and they told me that with the 32 being such a rare car the reg wouldn't make any real difference to talk of, so i registered mine August 1st rather than wait fot the reg change in September.

Since the new reg's, the year of registration, not the actual reg makes more difference.

Having said that, they had 28k's worth of 32 sitting there and they might have wanted to get their dosh asap!

It's surprising the different stories they tell when you're buying compared to when you're trading a vehicle in though hey!!

I found this out to my loss when i had an ex-Audi press office brilliant yellow A3 Quattro which was extremely desirable when i bought it but then suddenly became virtually impossible for them to resell when i was trading it in!! fekr.gifrocketwhore.gif

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