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ABT to become VW's own AMG


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I may be several light years behind on this one, but I didn't spot it before.

This weeks Autocar quotes:


<font color="blue"> VOLKSWAGEN GROUP products are to gain their very own factory-approved tuning arm to rival Mercedes' AMG & BMW's Alpina.

Audi, VW & Seat tuner ABT is hoping to be able to offer full factory warranties on all of it's products - it's styling accessories are already covered - before the end of the year. That means you'll be able to walk into your local UK dealer and order such loony machines as the ABT RS6 & the new £64,460 Touareg VS10 deisel.

For a £14k premium, the VS10 offers an astounding 373bhp and 643lb ft of torque (a 70bhp & 81 lb ft boost), enough to shove the Touareg to 60 mph in a shade over 7.0 sec & on to 149mph. </font>

[/ QUOTE ]

I know a lot of Audi dealers have been trying to flog that rather garish loony yellow TT for £55k (I think it was that much), but I wasn't aware they had actually done the deal. I guess the wording "hopefully" within that quotes keeps the door open for now.

I don't about everyone else but I feel ABT Sportsline (linky) are rather "un-audi" like & a bit OTT in their styling. Don't know much about their tuning abilities though.


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They are, and yet, they AREN'T smashfreakB.gif What happens is, you order your car from a dealer, WITH the Abt chip upgrade, and what they do is, the dealer receives your std car, then sends the ECU to Abt for modification. When they get it back, they install the reprogramed ECU, then call you and say your car's ready for pickup. Then, if you have any warranty claims, THAT DEALER who you purchased the Abt upgrade from, will honor the claims. If you take your car to a different dealer, they don't (yet) have to do a thing smashfreakB.gif



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