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Al74 looks like your famous.............


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Sorry to hear you had some many problems with your R32 Al74.

Makes me feel alittle worried crazy.gif hope my R32 isnt that bad.

Hurry if your still looking for a R32. i`ve posted a list of 5dr Deep blue one`s with leather on here if that spec takes your fancy.

Hope all works out and that your R32 was just a odd one wink.gif

Riz beerchug.gif

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BTW, have you managed to get the car you desire yet?

[/ QUOTE ]

Eek! Didn't know they'd published that yet. Best get on to my agent. sekret.gif

With regards to my desired car, it's at the dealers (they claim) and I should have it by Friday.

But you know when you get one of those feelings that somethings gonna go wrong!! I guess I've had so many problems (including another!! tonight) that I can't beleive it might just be sorted.

I actually hate talking about it if I'm honest. Stopped at a BP garage tonight for a bottle of water & someone was asking after the motor & I really couldn't be arsed. Must have come across as a right miserable tosser to the girl that was asking (sorry if you happen to read this), but how can you praise & enthuse about something you hate? mad.gif

Thanks for the sympathy Riz. Fingers crossed eh! crazy.gif

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Cheers Hopsta, if I'm honest, I'll be very happy if it's the last time I mention the fecker!!

They didn't even give me copy before it went to print (which I'm guessing it has already from that piccie). Otherwise I would have got TsN a mention without a doubt.

I'd just like to thank a few people having recieved this award, firstly my parents, who deserted me (literally) through boredom & moved to Dubai. My stunningly beautiful g/f, for being able to glaze over & still look like she was interested in my troubles. My Doctor & Psychiatrists (yes plural!). And last, but by no means least, everyone at TsN that laughed their tits off at all my troubles but didn't dare piss me off any further & refrained from posting any obsenities.

I thank you all.

The replacement had better be worth it!!


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