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Sky+ dual recording now active


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Fantsastic - been waiting for this for about a year now. Have you been following the thread on the Digital Spy forums on Dual recording? V. funny - it has been running for about 9 months now crazy.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I have on and off, but there are some very strange people on there smashfreakB.gifgrin.gif

I remember when I had Sky+ installed in October last year and they said dual recording would be available in a couple of months, yeah right rocketwhore.gif .

Thankfully my box still works ok after the update, it looks like the update has knackered some boxes.

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Not exactly,

You can record two channels and watch something you've previously recorded. But you can't for example record a film and a football match and then watch sky news. I assume thats because it only has two tuners and therefore only two live sky channels can be broadcast at once.

But it's great for when you're going out and two programmes clash.

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No is the short answer.

You basically receive two channels and can record either or both but you can only watch one of the two you are recording.

I also found out on mine last night whilst recording two channels that if you try to look at a synopsis of another program in the tv guide page it tells you that you can't do that either because dual recording is taking place.

Even after all that though it is an great tool and much better than good old VHS (in a user friendly sort of way).


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