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My New Polo GTI


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Hi DMWRIGHT, Welcome to Tyresmoke.

Looks like a very nice car indeed and blimey, that lower half of your front bumper looks just like my R32 (apart from the foggies, of course).

I like the Polo now it's a decent size and has a decent level of comfort and performance in it. It'd be even better if they did an 'R' Polo though. Might be tempted!

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I test drove one of these when looking at cars prior to the S3 purchase. Lovely little car, nippy and cornered pretty well, the dealer looked a tad scared too grin.gif just not enough poke for me (coming from a Mk3 GTi)

Put your pics up into the gallery, add to the expanding VW collection laugh.gif

Welcome to ts.net incase anyone hasnt mentioned it before.


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Yes she looks great in red, forgot to add that its also got Seat Airbags as well, not an option we wanted but the car had them fitted and the dealer didn't charge us for them.... jump.gif

No real problems, although we did have the Brake alarm come on and it went back via low loader to the dealership, car still stopped but the VW Breakdown service advised us that we should not drive it any further and that they would collect it and get us back on the road....very helpful. ECLIPSe.gif

Having down many searches not found another one with the same spec as my wifes car. Private plate has been on the car from new.

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