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Message for Al74!


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Hey mate......just a thought for anyone on here who might be looking for a used R32......you might wanna do everyone a favour by giving out the Reg Number so they can avoid it when it gets hoofed out? Presumably Ridgeway will be putting it on the forecourt at some point as an approved used, and from the sounds of it, it should be avoided like the proverbial.

I was really amazed at your cars problems......Ridgeway supplied mine too.....and it's been completely faultless to such an extent that in 5000 miles, it hasn't been back to them once for anything. Haven't even had to phone them and ask a question. Weird. Good luck with your new one....J.

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<font color="red"> Ok guys, as requested.

Gave the Lemon back today & here are the "not so" vital statistics.

Reg: RG52HXP, Spec: Silver with Delta & Black leather.

Mileage: 31649.

Please note - this car should have had a service at 28k. But I refused on two fronts. Why should I pay for it when I'm due to give the car back? And also in the hope it would speed Ridgeway up in getting me a replacement. So check it's service history!!

In my opinion you're best off avoiding this car!! </font>


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A bunch of [censored] incompetent [censored] [censored]!!! Well two individuals certainly fit that description IMHO. Considering their "executive dealer" title, I was simply amazed at some of the service levels & reponses I witnessed.

I work in sales, & if I treated any of my customers the way I was treated at times, I'd be looking for a new job. NONO3.GIF

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