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Rugby world champions London tour of Joy


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Bit late for this......

Anyone care for a few beers/vodkas to celebrate the English beating the pants off the wallabies whilst the glorious English team tour the west end of Olde London town rubbing the Aussies noses in the dirt with the World cup !

Kick off at 11am in Bond Street. beerchug.gif

Whatabout you London bunch of lazy IT whalla's !!

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What a bloody great day we had, bloody damn cold, but after a few beers, loads singing, cheering and clapping - who cares beerchug.gif

The buses passed us outside Bond Street tube on Oxford Street and again later outside Dickens & Jones along Regent Street, both times we were about 20 feet away.

We never made it to Trafalger Square as there were too many pubs/bars on route..

Great atmosphere, just great to be part of it beerchug.gif

The afternoon was rounded off with various business meetings held in various pubs and eateries in W1.

Good to meet up with Dodge & Inigo for a few beers & vodkas beerchug.gif

I was bloody a mess today though NONO3.GIF

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Aye, twas great to meet up, not that I remember anything, apart from a very large jug of blue stuff which must have sent me over the edge wink.gif nothing to do with drinking the black stuff from 1130 in the morning...

Someone think up another excuse why we should all not be at work and have another all day session soon smile.gif

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