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Do you like it??


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I think im going to keep my R32 standard... ive got chrome mirror`s on my S3 and with the paint finish and 18" alloys they do really look very classy but for some strange reason they would look un-cool on a R32..... its probably a image thing.

You see them MG`s when them on and i must say they look pants.... you see the S3`s and they look classy.

Any closer pictures of the mirror`s wink.gif

Riz beerchug.gif

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I have to agree there!

Oettinger split rims are probably my all time favourite wheel for the R32! Infact anyone know if they will fit our cars? ie clear the brakes..

And no, Chrome Mirrors only look good on an Audi S-car, not some wanna be VW trying to be something it isn't.

Chill, you drive an R32, not an Audi!!!

get my point?

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