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My Next Audi.......


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Courtesy of my local dealer I got to drive the following cars the other day..

S4 Saloon Manual, TT 3.2 DSG, A8 4.2 quattro Sport, RS6 Avant

This was with a view to deciding my next Audi, mainly powertrain rather than vehicle type. However nothing in life is simple. My pros and cons on each car are as follows:


To be fair the car was brand new and very tight so perhaps this was the reason it did not really blow me away. Found the gearbox and bit ponderous and awkward. I really wanted to love this car.

Pros: Sound when you blip the throttle, grip (though the traction control was very keen).

Cons: Relevance in the real world? Gearbox. Harsh suspension (ride). Interior not special enough for a car costing 20K more than the base model.


The least comfortable and most spartan but with some nice design touches.

Pros: DSG is the future - what a gearbox in all modes, 'nice' engine, good fun.

Cons: TT practicality and it rattled. Did seem to get a bit bogged down entering roundabouts sometimes (could be DSG and quattro software still needs tweaking).


As I am not in the market for an A8 class car this one passed me by a bit. I just got in and drove and I guess that is the point, the journey passed me by. I really wanted to try this car with the 3.0 V6 or 4.0 V8 Diesel engine.

Pros: Supremely comfortable, beautifully appointed and equipped.

Cons: Dodgy grey interior and shiny wood in this car.


Given my disappointment with the S4 I was expecting more of the same but this was different. The way the RS6 seems to put its power down and hold the road but stay comfortable must make this the most user friendly (super)car around. I was able to overtake cars on stretches of road where I would not even bother to look for the opportunity for before. Awesome.

Pros: Just the way it des everything.

Cons: It's an A6 inside.

I have not mentioned fuel consumption but can say considering the way I drove the cars it surprised me and was not that bad. However it is an important consideration for me which is why I wanted to try the 3.0 and 4.0 Diesels.

The best news for me is that I did not feel at all short changed when I returned to my A4 Cab (3.0 Manual). IMHO this has the best interior of the lot and performance, ride/handling etc. was not found too wanting given the calibre of performance car I had just climbed out of plus I could drop the roof!


My next Audi will

a) Have quattro

b) Almost certainly have DSG

c) Be a Roadster or Cabriolet

d) Engine? Now it gets difficult. Is there a power/torque limit for the DSG? I love the idea of a V8 petrol but in the real world (and 24,000 miles a year) am not sure I see the point. The S4 did not give me enough goose pimples to overlook the downsides and running costs.

How about a Cab with 4.0 V8 Diesel engine, quattro and DSG!

I guess before I reach any conclusions I have to try the V6 and V8 diesels and wait and see which engines Audi mate with DSG.

Sits back and waits patiently.

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Got to agree it's hard to imagine a car this side of a 911 Carrera4 Cariolet I'd really rather have than my Audi Cab. And I'd struggle with the concept of anything without a folding roof now. cool.gif

A 3.0 quattro with all the bells and whistles would be pretty much the ultimate this side of that, although at that level I'd have to start thinking about the M3 Cabriolet just for that engine... notworthy.gif

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