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Key cutting


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Bought a brand new key blank on eBay for my 1997 A8. Definitely a nice key, for $8. No chip in key, fine. Took it to the dealer in Northern VA. Said they don't cut any keys there, they have to get cut from Germany. I don't believe this to be true.

Does anyone on this forum know of locksmiths that can laser cut an Audi key? Surely someone other than Audi themselves can cut their keys.

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I'm having the same problem in England.

Does anyone know if flip-key blades can be obtained and cut without visiting the dealers (something I try to avoid as much as possible) ?

Then I shall have fun with the reprogramming ritual mentioned in another thread. Does this reprogram both the remote locking and the transponder?

Thanks again......great site.


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Hi there!

No idea about the locksmith, but maybe one will wake up and discover a goldmine eh? grin.gif

About the programming, that's only the key IMO (if we're talking about the same thread). I'm afraid you'll need a dealer or a mate wih Vag Com to re-program the car. (If thay's neccesary?)

Good luck with the hunt, and do let us know if you find anything okay? wink.gif

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i have a non-flip key, and a while ago tried to get it copied by a person with registered keysmith, they cut a new key, and copied the code on the key, and when i put it in the car door, the key worked fine, but i could never get the ignition barrel to turn with the new key, even after a couple of attempts at copying the key, so my advise is go to a VAG group dealer (skoda/seat) and get the key there, it shopuld be cheaper.

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