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Keyless Remote program / instructions/ recode


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Bought a used remote for my 1997 A8. In decent shape, for $20. Not the switchblade kind.

Took it to the dealer in Northern VA. Said it costs $100 to program any remotes. Said that if I disconnected the battery EVER, that all of the remotes would have to be re-programmed and that the car would not work until the car was brought into the dealer. that the entire car had to be re-programmed.

I am new to the world of Audi.

Is this stuff true? Anyone out there know how to re-program the remotes without going to dealer.

Said a new battery for the car would cost $350? What!!! It is an A8, but come on!

Does anyone on this forum know of locksmiths that can laser cut an Audi key? Surely someone other than Audi themselves can cut their keys.

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Welcome to the forum! beerchug.gif

My dealer re-programmed my (switchblade) keys for free...

But maybe they charged you because of it being a used remote or something... confused.gif

You also have to reprogram the remote when you change the batteries (in the remote), at least thats the case with mine (which you can do yourself). Reprogramming the entire car after a battery failure seems a bit overstated IMO, but it might be neccesary to reset the computer (diagnosis). This takes very little time and effort, IIRC they charged me €45,- for that and some other minor things.

Anyway, programming the remote should be rather easy IMO. Can't recall the correct procedure off hand, but there is a chapter about it in the manual. Also there is some stuff here on the forum about programming Audi keys/remotes. So I suggest you do a quick search (see above).

If you have no manual and you can't find anything, let me know, I'll go get the manual from my car. (That's a post facelift S8 though, so I hope that's any good).

Maybe one of the others can give you the proper instructions right away...

As for the car battery, check out www.autobatteries.com f.i. to compare makes and prices.

Hope this was a bit helpful anyway. wink.gif

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Drill, IMO you do not have any time to change batteries. I opened them, changed batteries, and subsequently they didn't work anymore. (No surprise really, as it said so in the manual).

Next I had to perform some ritual with keys, locks and buttons, and hey presto! cool.gif

I don't remember exactly what order this ritual was in, so I won't go there. I could get the manual though if you want?


Kim, I'm not sure which batteries, as they differ (they are the flat coin type anyway). One of my remotes has two batteries, the other one a single larger one. Weird... confused.gif

But you should be able to find them in a convenient store or such (proly cheaper). If you do one at the time the other one will still work, and the reprogramming is easy anyway. (Just have the manual handy) grin.gif


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Here they go again... Anyway as for batteries in the keyfob, here's my experience with the S3. Might be a different setup for the S8 as those are for rich men and they have to pay dont they.

Anyway, my spare key fob had been dead for months.. I tried to use it and the car didnt respond. I thought I'd get round to changing it asap and forgot for ages. When I took it into the stealers.. I now had to get it done urgently as I forgot my keys somewhere and the spare was dead..

I used the actual spare key (not the remote) to open up the car and drove to the dealers, asked for another pair of batteries and explained to them that I had misplaced my other set.

They guy who attended to me said it wont work as they need the other key to reprogram the spare (am I still making sense?) I told him to just fit in the new batteries and I'll give it a go and hey presto... it worked.. Price £5 IIRC

Now to reprogram the keys and not just recode the remote... I'm pretty sure you'll have to pay a lot more as they have to get a new code from Germany. I may be wrong though as its something I think I've heard on here before.

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I was with ya till the "and spray some beer on your car from the mouth" part grin.gif That CAN'T be good for the paint smashfreakB.gif


[/ QUOTE ]

Beer doesn't stain they say... grin.gif (but they could be lying of course...) confused.gifsekret.gif

Once we washed some cars with 'champagne' though - a wonderful christmas pressy from our 'generous' employer at the time - which was not good for anything else. It wasn't that great for washing cars either as it turned out... smashfreakB.gif

(they were his cars anyway, not our own) jump.gif

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Dunno whether this is correct crazy.gif

Reprogramming Audi swirchblade keys

Reprogramming Audi Switchblade Keys Craig Liess 2000

The previous FAQ entry on this item had some mistakes (and it confused the hell out of me) so I decided to make it a bit more user-friendly and add a few tips and pointers.

I'd imagine these directions will work on any A4/S4 with the "switchblade" keys. If you own a TT, A6, or A8 with these keys, try and see if the directions below work, and e-mail me your results.

These directions will allow you to reprogram your remote-control "switchblade" keys to full functionality. The '00 S4 manual claims that if you press the buttons too many times outside the range of the car, the key will deprogram itself. I don't know the reasoning behind this.

You will need BOTH of your "switchblade" keys to reprogram one or both of them.

1) Take the key you DO NOT want to program and put it in the ignition. Turn it one click forward.

2) Close and lock the drivers door with the second key.

3) On the second key (the one in the drivers door) press the 'UNLOCK' button ONCE only. The lights will flash on the car, but the doors will remain locked

4) With the second key still in the drivers door, unlock then lock the door again.

5) Pull the key from the slot and test remote functions.

6) Open drivers door, remove key from ignition.

If both of your remotes don't work, do the above for the first key, but on step #3, press the 'UNLOCK' button twice. The lights will flash twice, then continue on with step #4.

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FOGGY - you are a Saint. notworthy.gif

I've just posted a new post under the Technical section as I needed to re-sync my remotes.

see here

I then did a bit more searcing and found this post.

Mega thanks for simply stating the exact procedure to get this sorted. I had 2 remotes neither of which worked. Now it's all sorted. The instructions in the Audi A6 Owners Manual are completely useless - must be a vindictive plot to ensure you have to pay them loads for doing it for you.

You've saved me loads of pissing around and from having to spend ages with some muppet from an Audi dealer at great expense (and also saved me 6 years in prison for when I would have lost my rag with Audi and whacked someone there for being sooooo useless)



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Just a quick aside, if I change the batteries in my olde style key (non-switchblade), will the keys need reprogramming too, or are the codes in the keys permanent? One of my keys is dead, and the other is doing strange things to the central locking. ie all the doors unlock except the drivers door. Work that one out!



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Does not work for me (A6) with non-switchblade keys.

What happens is the alarm learns the remote control I'm standing outside the car with, but the one in the ignition is no longer recognised. I've swapped keys over, and repeated the instructions, but each time, the key that was working thats in the ignition at position 1, stops working.

Very strange. I've changed the batteries in both keys, and the one on my keyring is now working but none the less I'd like to have both keys recognised. Any other ideas?

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