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Chopping the S3 for an A Class?


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Thinking of chopping the S3 for an A Class. Saw the ad below and it sounds OK. What do we think?

"maximum of 10 cars will be handcrafted by H.W.A., the famous A.M.G. racing department. Now exclusively available at export through Classic Car Collection for exclusive customers. The prototype shown in the pictures has been exclusively ordered by a wealthy collector who wanted a discreet car with high-performance capabilities. The target was to make the most powerful possible A class, without losing anything of the famous A.M.G. reliability, any obtain the most effective road-holding in order to procure safety and only pleasure for the happy owner. The 500+ BHP V8 was tested but proved to heavy for such a car and there is no room enough to fit it properly in an A class. The choice of the small block of the C 23 K is definitely the best possible choice. It has been slightly modified and it is now showing 360 BHP, still matching all 2003 European Emission Standards. The inside of the car is covered with the best quality leather and the standard equipment includes air-conditioning (the A/C unit is now below the back seats, as there is not room enough in the engine compartment), an high-end Hi-Fi and navigation system. The prototype has hardly been driven and the performance is even better than that of an aerodynamic CLK 32 K coupe. The best A.M.G. engineers worked on this car and almost all components have been made by the same team who produce the exclusive CLK-GTR and the cars actually racing in the D.T.M. Championship. The cost of production of this unique car exceeds EUROS 600,000. With a limited edition of only TEN cars, the price can be reduced by 50%. All cars will carry the extensive H.W.A.-A.M.G. warranty and will be European street legal."

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