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Leon Cupra TDi PD


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Picked up the car yesterday, feels great, one think I have noticed is a vibration through the throttle when accelerating, any Golf 150 TDi owners experience this?

Not really a problem just wondered if it i normal

[/ QUOTE ]

Danksy or Walker will be your best bet for this, both owners of a 150PD.

Welcome to TSN mason, good to have another smoker onboard - give those pansy S3 boys a run for their money..........

Give us a full report on the Seat beerchug.gif

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The vibration it isn't a big problem just something I wasn't expecting.

Am considering getting it Revo'd, don't know a lot about it all yet there appears to be so many companies offering the same thing. Going to give Pragmatik a call, someone called Mike has a PD150 there.

Quite like the laggy engine, at least you really feel the power come in. I have been taking it quite easy whilst I get everything bedded in but plan to have a "proper" drive at the weekend.

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