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[Audi A3/S3] Stuck S3 (8L) armrest

Little Si

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My armrest recently got stuck in the up position.

It turns out that a small piece of plastic on the button which pushes the release mechanism had snapped off.

I read about this before and people mentioned having to buy a whole new armrest.

I contacted VAG Parts, who can get hold of the button.

Cost is £10.07+vat. Shipping is £1.95 within the UK.

Part number is 8L0898173 6PS for a black button. Other colours are available.

The button is easily removed by removing 4 small torx headed screws which are located on the inside of the armrest. They are felt covered, so need a bit of poking to find where they are.

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This is a common occurance, as its a poor design.

Audi replaced mine under warranty. But before they did, i took the button out, kept it, and repaired/replaced the broken/vunerable pegs with a silver steel pin.

So if/when it breaks again, i'll have a more robust permanent fix.

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