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Low oil warning will not go away!


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Hi All,

On the way home from work a min oil level warning came up on the dashboard display (D3 4.2 V8). This is min oil level, not oil pressure.

This has happened a few times before as the car seems to drink about 0.5L every 1500 miles or so. I carry oil with me so put about 0.5L in got back in the car and expected all to be OK.

Not so the warning was still there. Stopped again, waited 5 mins for the oil to settle in the sump and carefully filled to the max level on the dipstick, another 0.5L ish. Still have the warning.

Tried the car this AM on a cold engine. Still have the warning. Oil level still at max.

Any ideas? I seem to remember the warning will come on any time the oil level is detected as low, but will also stay on until the bonnet is opened as well? The thinking being that if the oil level is first detected as low it will still be low until the bonnet has been opened to check / top up the level.

I have a couple of long trips today so any ideas as to what might be wrong or how I can reset the warning would be gratefully received!



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