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Group buy custom pedals.


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Hope the forum gods don't mind but I thought I would link to this post on Audiworld. I have e-mailed Skiracer1313 and asked to join his group buy and e-mailed the company for postage costs. Content of their reply is below.

Anyone wishing to make a buy, follow the instructions on the Audiworld post. If you don't have an Audiworld account, PM me and I will post to say you have ordered.

Ultimate pedals answer to my e-mail

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your e-mail, we appreciate your interest in our products.

No problem to make a set of pedals for your 1998 Audi S8 RHD.

Please note that the RS6 emblem in the photo you refer to was and engraved pedal that was hand painted by the customer after receipt.

Pricing would be identical to our LHD S8 pedal pricing.

Please click on the following link to see our S8 products (select a product then scroll down for finish options with pricing):


Custom engraving/emblem pocketing cost is $10 to $35 (depending on complexity) per pedal.

(see attached image files)




Here is the pricing you requested (assuming all shiny anti-slip with flat grip inserts):

1) brake $79

2) footrest $84

3) gas $63

4) engraving/emblem pocketing TBD

5) shipping ~$45 (USPS Global Express)

Next bit deleted by me but I understand duty and VAT would be negligible. :eek:

Please note that our domed grips are more popular than our flat grip inserts.

We have both in stock, but some customers that order our flat grip inserts report a "notchy feeling" if they wear a shoe with a heavy tread.

We can offer the following discounts:

5 - 9 pedal sets at one time - 25% discount

10-19 pedal sets at one time - 30% discount

20-29 pedal sets at one time - 35% discount 30-39 pedal sets at one time - 40% discount

40-49 pedal sets at one time - 45% discount

50+ pedal sets at one time - 50% discount

(pedal set minimum definition is a gas and brake or brake/clutch pedals)

Custom engraving/logo pocket is $10 per pedal (not subject to discount).

No problem to combine orders to save shipping.

If you would like to proceed with the order simply order the LHD S8 pedals that you would like, but specify your RHD S8 and any engraving/emblem pocketing during the checkout process when you are asked to indicate year, make, and model.

We will then match the pedals for your RHD S8 instead of the LHD S8 when we manufacture your order.

Please let us know if you require any additional information.

No questions asked money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the fit or finish.

Don't settle for "One Size Fits All" pedals.

Have a great day!

Rob Baylor


[email protected]

(561) 798-6588 Phone

(561) 798-6994 Fax


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Here it is.

Ultimate Pedals has agreed to offer an Audi S8 group buy.

They are a machine shop in Southern Florida and have a line of racing pedals that they manufacture in house.

They custom make every order so customization is no problem.

In additional to pedals made specifically for your vehicle, they offer custom engraving, heel toe gas pedal extensions, heelguards, door sills, etc…

(This is going to be quite long, but for some of you this is your first GB so I am going to explain it all very thoroughly)

They are offering the following discounts:

1) 25% off if we get 5-9 orders

2) 30% off if we get 10-19 orders

3) 35% off if we get 20+ orders.

(pedal order minimum definition is a gas and brake or brake/clutch pedals)

They offer a no questions asked moneyback guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the fit or finish.

If members only want the footrest (dead pedal), no discount will be applied but you will get free engraving instead.

Now down to the nitty gritty…

Engraving is an extra $10 per pedal.

They can also offer logo/emblem/crest pocketing (you can insert whatever logo/emblem/crest you want into the pedals) for $10 per pedal.

Any engravings/pocketing and shipping costs will not be subject to the group buy discount.

The engravings look like what you would see on the back of a watch or inside a ring NO COLOR IN THE ENGRAVING, it is just an engraving.

You can view engraving examples at the following link (scroll down to the bottom of the page):


The group buy is active as of now, and the last day for ordering is May 31,2008.

The items will be shipped 7 to 10 days after the group buy ends.[/b] (All pieces have to be custom made and depending on how many orders it may be 7 but we are shooting for 5.)

Shipping charges are typically ~$12 (UPS Ground within the Continental US).

So now that all that stuff is done, how do I get my discount?

Preferably, if you have a pretty straight forward order, please use their website.

Their S8 line (same pricing as the A8)can be viewed here (scroll down after selecting a product to see finish options with pricing):


Specify your vehicle, the Audi Forums group buy, as well as any engraving options during the checkout process when you are asked to indicate year, make, and model.

If you don't mention the Audi Forums group buy you'll get your pedals quickly, but not discounted.

Also, with the website you won’t see the discount automatically, and you will get a confirmation email pretty quickly.

That email will not have the discount applied to it, DONT WORRY ....the set up of their software cannot compute a discount, it has to be manually entered. The discount will be refunded back to your credit card when your order is ready to ship.

Also, when your pedals ship you will receive a second e-mail from UPS Quantum View (for the US orders) with your order’s tracking number.

You can also call them, please try to use their website unless you really hate internet shopping or you have a custom order, it takes up a lot of manpower to answer questions by phone.

Please post any questions in this thread, I will answer questions as quickly as possible.

I should point out Ultimate Pedals is not an Audi product, but hey neither is Audi World, so its all good.

Sorry for the very lengthy instructions, but I hate when there is not enough info.


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