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replacing discs and pads.


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An easy job for any competent mechanic.

Undo the brake fluid reservior and seeing as you are doing front & rears, you need to remove some fluid otherwise it overflows. Syringe?

For the front ones, get one of those brake disc allen keys and extra length lever (for more leverage!!). Get some bricks and exta jacks to hold the car up - do not 'just use the jack'!

You'll also need a massive G-Clamp for pushing the caliper pistons back to position.

For the rears, you'll need the Lucas style piston rewind tool. You might need to undo the rear caliper bleed nipples to allow some fluid out as well.

For all four discs, you'll need a bloody good crosshead driver for the pesky little screw that holds the discs on. Plenty of force needed to undo them, BUT they are soft and guides can easily wear away with a few 'missed' attempts.

Genuine parts? Upto you. Depends upon budget and allsorts. If you can, go to an indy VAG parts dealer. They'll have both genuine and budget set-ups.

Good luck!

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