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Valuation on Porker


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I'd knock off £5 - £6k for the mileage and as Sidicks says another good chunk for the colour.

Not much good on the Audi contacts I'm afraid. Sytners came in and took over the dealership where my mates worked and they couldn't stnad the new regime so they jumped ship!

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I think given the colour £25k is really over optimistic - if you want an Audi I'll swap you my A2 and I'll overlook the colour............

To Be honest mate I am tempted! BUT having just got it back from the bodyshop - I am still glad I got speed yellow and I am glad I own it because its a great drive.

Just reading this months CAR magazine which has a nice big Porsche 60th Anniversary review and they say some very positive things about the Cayman.

I for one completely agree with the drive but cannot agree with the comparison against the 911 as I have not driven one of them as yet.

If your a Porsche fan the magazine is a good read this month...

Shao - really - thanks for the consideration!!


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