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Logging into router


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Need to access a router to do some port forwarding and I'm having problems. I've got the login/password, but before that I'm trying to open the screen to log in to the router.

The usual is just not picking anything up and showing no host found.

Works perfectly well as a router otherwise and I've tried from a few different laptops.

It's a Netgear DG834PN.


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Go START, RUN then CMD and type ipconfig /all

one of the list there (perhaps default gateway) should be the router IP address - I've seen funny ones like before +++

Bazza with the lingo! :grin:

If you open a command box by doing Start > Run and typing cmd and pressing enter, then doing an ipconfig /all in the command box, the default gateway will be your router's IP address.

If the address you were trying is correct then it could be that the router won't let you manage it wirelessly (some allow and some deny by default, who knows what yours is) so try plugging into the network with a cable and seeing if you can access the web page.

If that still doesn't work then you probably need to use the first rule in the IT book: switch if off, switch it back on! Then try to access it by the web interface.


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Do you need the *.*.*.*:8128 bit?

You'd only need to put :8128 at the end of the address if the web management interface for the router were listening on port 8128 which in a SoHo router isn't going to happen unless you specifically change it do be on that port.

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Spot on lads.

found it at

It's at a local business I go to and I'm trying to set up a streaming video link. The manager runs a laptop over wireless. He got someone in to install his router and they didn't use the settings written on the fecking box!

Now just got to work out static IPs and port forwarding by 7pm tonight. :roflmao:

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