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Driver window problems


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I had a problem with mine in the last week too! After a one touch close it opened fully again on it's own and then one touch close wouldn't work.

Mentioned it to the dealer when it was in this week, told me they had reset the window settings - whatever that means, but it has been fine since.

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Be careful what you do here. I had this about 6 mths ago and a mate at the local dealer got them to change the motors. Trouble is, VW have uprated the motors to overcome the problem of the bounce back, with the side effect of the motors now making a high pitched screaming. I played hell at the dealers and they swapped them for another set. Still the same.

After complaining to VW and getting a second opinion from another dealer they are still the same. Mines a 2006 06 and we listened to one fresh off the transporter only to find they were noisier too. VWs response was to just live with it !

If I were you, I would just get them to lube the runners and check the regulators. Whatever you do, don't allow them to swap the motors. Its a nightmare.


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