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Air Conditioning Servicing

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Guys, I need your opinons / advice....VW seem to 'recommend' having the system serviced every 2 years.

Now I usually don't spare any expense on the running of my car but I'm really not convinced that the service is necessary. My car is just 2 years old and covered 5000 miles, although I appreciate lower mileage / less regular use is possibly a little detrimental to the system.

For those of you who have GTI's same age / older than mine, have you had this service undertake. Alternatively, for anyone in the trade, is not having it serviced detrimental? I personally lean towards having it done at 3 yeard old prior to the end of the warranty.

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Hmmm....I'm paying the Service/Maintenance/Tyres deal too. I've just had a chat with my always friendly and helpful VW dealer and he says that VW have "got a bit funny" about the full aircon service under warranty unless you report the problem you've been having ;) (Ahem, mine is blowing warm to begin with). VW will phone you afterwards to check that you did have a fault.

Definitely worth the full Maintenance Plan - I've had lots of tyres!!


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I take it nobody else has had the air-con service then? I'll assume it's unecessary at 2 years old. +++

Strictly speaking TT, as the system is not checked as part of any standard service, VW recommends the vehicle has an air conditioning service every two years.

On the grounds if you neglect this you risk not only inefficient air conditioning but also system failure and permanent damage to components.

But then they would say this....

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