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Paul Smith Shirts

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I've brought 2 16's to work as that was all i had early this morning. I think I've got one 16 left if not it appears they have given me some 16.5's by mistake. Will they be ok biscuits?

Hi Jon. I'm normally a 15.5, but know PS shirts are on the skinny side, so went for the 16. If you think these ones are equiv. size wise to Thomas Pink, etc... I should be ok with a 15.5 if you have these.

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Got to the bottom of it now. Been getting messages from buyers who have bought shirts but not dispatched say that they've been messaged from another ebay member saying i'm a fraud etc. Ebay is a crazy place!

Anyway, ebay have deleted all my sales info for these shirts, so if you have bought any shirts from me just pm me with the size, your email addy and the address you want them posting to. Ebay are just saying computer says no

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