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An update of my Polo GTi


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Hi everyone,

Been a long while since I have posted in this section so thought I'd pop up a recent picture of the Polo as she is at the moment:


Some minor changes in the pipeline over the next few weeks; "stubby" driver's side mirror (standard driver's mirror is noticeably larger than passenger item)... hopefully a rear 25mm ARB to tighten up the handling a bit more... and a later-spec "aero" rear wiper to match the fronts.

C&C welcome!



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Before I removed mine I hardly ever used my rear wiper and when I did need it, it was rubbish as the rubber had deteriorated due to lack of use!

Now, if it's raining I just hit the rear demister and there's generally little trouble especially if you keep your car pretty clean. Add that into the fact that it's summer soon anyway, might as well get rid and see how you get on.

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What Aero wipers fit the Polo? Do you have part numbers? Also would I have to replace the arms?


New Golf arrives this week...Edition30

Ed30?!?!?! :D

The front wipers are from a Lupo GTI (two passenger-side arms and blades) and the rear is a Polo 9N item that needs to be trimmed to avoid catching the rear spoiler (I haven't gotten around to this yet).

Or as Mouse says you can purchase Bosch aero wipers that fit directly on to the standard hook-end arms. bearing in mind that the Lupo wipers can scrub the scuttle panel and require time and patience to get working without either scrubbing or hitting the A pillar (driver's side) , the Bosch upgraded wiper blades are the least hassle! :)

New car sounds good!!

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