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[Audi A3/S3] 3 year service at Tonbridge Audi


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I took my wife's A3 2.0T Spot Quattro (2005) for it's 3-year service at Tonbridge Audi last week and thought I'd report back on the service received:

Firstly, although the car is 3 years old, it has only done 15,000 miles. My wife drives the car daily, but only a couple of miles or so which is quite stressful on the engine, hence the AVS servicing is more frequent than for someone doing many long journeys.

Firstly the booking in was very easy, being given a choice of dates depending on whether a courtesy car was required or not (it was!).

As well as the service, they agreed to look at the rear washer which wasn't working (the car was now out of warranty, but we had reported the issue previously and they said they would sort it when we brought it in for a service).

The courtesy car was fine (A3 2.0TDi Auto) and they called me once to confirm progress and then again when everything was finished.

The bill was exactly what had been agreed previously with no extras added, and no attempt to try and add other things that 'needed to be done'....

Biggest surprise was the condition of the car when I collected it - unlike my car, my wife doesn't really look after her car that well (it gets taken to her allotment twice a week), and the interior in particular was very muddy.

Rather than a standard bucket and sponge wash, it almost looked as if the car had been properly detailed! The paintwork was clean and shiny, and they had even blackened the tyres etc which made it almost look like new.

Inside, they had thoroughly hoovered everywhere, cleaned out all of the rubbish and wiped some of the plastics. Even the boot had been thoroughly cleaned (presumably they took out the reversible mat and washed this as well).

They had also sorted the rear washer, which apparently required them to remove trim, and clean out the pipe connecting to the reservoir etc.

I was then taken through the bill in minute detail, explaining each item as well as showing me a 'checklist' which gives a view on many items such as tryes, condition of brakes and pads etc (all were fine, as expected at just 15,000 miles!).

All in all, I guess it was just the sort of service you would expect from a premium brand, but frequently I hear reports of poor dealer service, so it is worth commenting when experience is different.

They even gave us a tin of Audi travel sweets!



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