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S8 Brake pads


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Hi folks.

my 2002 D2 S8 needs pads, front and rear, before my holiday to France in July.

Couple of questions.

The front calipers are brembo with the single enormous pad either side (rather than the 4 pads per caliper my 2000 S8 had) any suggestions on pads for fast road use? It's standard Audi pads in it just now and they seem okay to be honest.

The rear pads will probably stay standard, Elsawin says that you have to use a special tool to adjust the handbrake cable, anybody know what the special tool is and if there's a way around it?


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Popular replacements fir Audi pads are:

Direct replacement

EBC Redstuff - Better bite, lot less dust.

Black Diamond Predator - Cheaper and well spoken of when used in conjunction with their disks.


EBC Yellowstuff - Same price as red at EBCBrakesLtd.

Ferodo DS2500 - gets good reviews but a tad expensive

Pagid RS 4-2-1 (Black) - Even more expensive.


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I can vouch for the Ferrodo DS2500 compound pads, I have them on my TVR and they are excellent, they do take a little warming up so be carful when you first start driving.

I have EBC reds on my S8 at the moment along with drilled and grooved disks (probably EBC too) to be honest I find they give a bit of a "squishy" feel to the pedal, still stops bloody quick though. They also squeal a fair bit, I havent had the chance to take them off and check they have enough copper grease yet, it might just be dust.

Although having said that abouu the squishy feel to the pedal all S8's might be like that, mines the only one I've driven!

ETA I had the brake fluid changed at last service so shouldnt be a case of air in the system causing squishyness, also sorry for thread hijack!

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Personally I'm not convinced by EBC brakes at all. Tried them on three cars now but have decided no way are they going on the A8... First car the discs warped, second car the pads squealed like a stuck pig, third car had 2 attempts - red stuff pads on standard discs squelaed like a pig, second attempt red stuffs on EBC 'Spotties' discs - absolute rubbish.... vibration under braking and excessive noise and they never felt confidence inspiring (that was a Volvo T5 - a car with phenomenal standard brakes and the EBCs were significantly worse).

I've had good experiences with Pagids in the past and also some cheap ones from Eurocarparts (Adec or something they were called). Worked really well on the T5 and also on the A8.

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Defo got the stuck pig squeal with my EBC brakes,

as an aside, on cars with brembo calipers I have owned in the past anything other than OEM pads ALWAYS caused squealing. Not sure if it is particular to the calipers or just a coincidence...

I followed a A8 4.2 the other day with noisy brakes too..

ETA good thing about the S8 is even if the brakes are squealing with the windows closed you can hardly hear it the sound insulation is so damn good! :)

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I put greenstuff on the last car and they squealed like a pig, I'm of a mind to fit pagid or OEM this time....

The brakes on the last S8 were okay but these ones are definitely better, the last car had pagid fitted before the greenstuff and were better.

Thanks for the suggestions folks!

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