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Knackered ligaments


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Having not even recovered fully from a broken leg I was told on Wednesday that the problems I'm having with my ankle are most likely down to damaged ligaments so I'll be needing physio.

Has anyone here suffered with ligament problems? There seem to be horror stories about how long it can take to recover and the degree to which recovery can happen.

A bit of background. I broke the tib and fib in my right leg at the beginning of March. A couple of days later I had a titanium rod put in to fix things and then spent 10 weeks in plaster. With the plaster off I was told to put an increasing about of body weight through my right foot. After seeing the Surgeon again last week he told me to do away with the crutch and try to walk normally but I'm in absolute agony with my ankle, hence me finding out about the ligament damage.

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Achilles popped, ankle busted with fecked ligaments.. Yes that was me a few years back while playing footie. It took about 6 months IIRC and many sessions at a physiotherapist afterwards to get it all back in working order. Obviously a lot more serious than yours so will probably take a lot less time

I remember one of the exercises prescribed was walking up and down phone books and this circular plate with a ball underneath (think it's called a wobble board) for balance training and nerve response as well. It will hurt, but you have to overcome that pain to make any progress (Thats what I did). I don't think it will heal properly without the exercises as it could get stiff I was told back then.

Obviously I am no doctor but in my case, working through that pain barrier got me my foot back+++

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I'm going through this at the moment - but not the broken leg bit!

Thanks to wobbly & slippy new trainers, I slipped coming out of a pizza shop to get in a cab just about two months ago now. Thanks to a few sherberts in the system, I picked myself up without too much concern, got in the cab & thought "ooh, my leg hurts a bit" and went home with slightly dented pride.

It then got somewhat swollen and (further down the line) rather bruised. I never went to A&E/Quacks (very little time for either TBH) but it's still not right now so you're probably looking at 2-3 months, maybe more, depending on what you put it through on the road to recovery.

I carried driving 50 miles a day, walking around and generally putting my not inconsiderable weight on it for more than a week before I relented and stuck a support on.

It hurt to a decent degree for the first 4-5 weeks but since then has calmed down, a bit. I'm now at the stage where I can generally walk normally, albeit with some twinges, plus it's still sore when walking down stairs first thing in the morning (the thing that's caused me the most gyp throughout) and if I walk any distance (like a trip to the Trafford Centre) I suffer for it afterwards.

Any plans I had to get the bike out and lose a bit of heft seem to be disappearing as things stand :(.

However, if you get the medical help, it might be a bit better in your case+++

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I'm far from the slimmest guy in the world too and I'm aware that doesn't help. I'd already decided to lose weight when I got out of hospital for the broken leg and was completely knackered just going up the stairs.

Driving for me isn't a problem at all. I've got big feet so have always had to use my knee rather than my ankle when I move from the loud pedal to the brake and despite my knee being messed about with when they operated to fix my broken leg it is fine.

Having broken my leg I've had no choice but to have medical involvement the whole way through. I'm waiting for a physio appointment to come through which sods law says will come through for sometime between June 1st & 6th because I'm going to be on safari in South Africa then.

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