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What tyre gel do you use?


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You probably have a two stage problem, the tyre gel isnt being obsorbed b/c the tyres are old or tyres are not clean OR your applying to much. If its going on really thick then buff it with an old cloth.

There really are few products that will spray or apply and you can walk away. Most need the use of an applicator.

Water based products last the shortest amount of time, oil based products on clean tyres can last a few weeks depending on the weather. They all loose that "fresh edge" after a few days even if they do not leave the tyre looking non dressed.



The product isnt thickly applied, that Sonus Trim and Tire its not all that cheap but it think you can get 8oz for £3.95 on ebay (i did!). The tyres will still be black in 3 weeks time!


PS. Nothing wrong with Megs Endurance BTW. I all applied with Black Magic foam app. cut in two, i think a pack of 3 is £1.49 or something. They backed with a coated foam so your hands do not get to dirty.

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