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Black Puma Full G220 Correction and CG 50/50 Ltd Ed Connoisseurs Wax


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So a couple of Saturdays ago saw myself and Kev detail his wife’s Metallic Black Ford Puma. It was an early start with a wash and clay of the car before moving it into the garage for the correction and then moving it back out for the LSP’s. Being a Ford the paint was fairly soft and Kevin wanted to have a go with the G220, so once I had worked out what the best combo was after a bit of experimenting, I did half the car and he did the other half. Despite the car being cleaned regularly and well looked after there were some serious swirls and RDS’s, but all in all we achieved nearly 100% correction and got a lovely finish from some Chemical Guys products from my collection that I don’t use nearly enough. Also Kevin wanted to pick up some other tips, so we went over the 2 bucket method, pat drying, and sheeting etc.

A few before and afters:











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So here was the process:

1. Shuts and sills were cleaned with Megs APC 4:1.

2. The wheels were cleaned with Megs Wheel Brightener and a combination of the EZ Detail brush and RaceGlaze brush – we did 2x wheels each swapping brushes allowing Kevin to have a go with each one. The tyres were also scrubbed with a tyre scrubber and some APC:

A wheel before:


Getting behind the spoke:




3. Then the car was pre-soaked using the PW and AB foam lance with a sample of Elite’s Citrus Degreaser/Pre-Wash that Alex kindly sent me. This did a good job of shifting the loose dirt.

4. Kevin then washed the car with his new Megs LW Mitt using the two bucket method and SmartWax Car Wash Shampoo.

5. The car was then rinsed off with the PW.

6. We then clayed half the car each using Smart Detail QD and Smart Clay clay. The car hadn’t been clayed for about a year and wasn’t too bad other than the lower panels (which you would expect):


7. The car was then soaked in AB SSF with the PW and AB lance, then rinsed and sheeted.



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Part 3...

8. The car was then dried using the Eurow Waffle Weave and Smart Detail QD. I would like to add that I bought this towel on Alex’s recommendation from Elite about 18 months ago and it is used at least once a week and is still going strong!

9. So we got the car into my garage, and whilst I worked about the best way to tackle to paint Kevin masked up the car using 3M xxxx.

10. After a few trials, and despite the soft paint but due to the severity of swirls I went for one hit with Menz PO85RD 3.02 on a Sonus SFX1 pad, followed by Megs #80 on a Megs Polishing Pad with the G220. After a light spritz of QD I spread the Menz and the Megs on speed 2 and upped the speed to 4.5 to work in the polish, with a couple of faster passes on speed 5.5 to finish. This removed all but the more serious RDS’s and swirls, and had we more time I am confident these would have shifted.

Bonnet before:


Bonnet after:


Bonnet 50/50’s:



Front wing before:


Front wing 50/50:


Front Wing After:


Door before:


Door after:



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Boot before:


Boot after (not all gone but most):


11. Whilst I tackled the bonnet and off side of the car, Kevin got to work on the exhaust using some very fine wire wool and AG Metal Polish and sealed the wheels with Rimwax.

12. Once the car was corrected it was out of the garage and I applied Chemical Guys EZ Crème Glaze with the G220 using a Megs Finishing pad. This made a noticeable difference to the paint even over the Megs #80.

13. Kevin followed me round applying Chemical Guys Blitz Sealant by hand using a Megs Foam Pad and removing once hazed with a MF.

14. Once all this was done it was time for a wax that I don’t use enough – Chemical Guys 50/50 Limited Edition Connoisseurs Paste Wax. I applied a nice even layer using a German applicator, and once hazed Kevin removed with a MF.

15. Whilst Kevin was removing the wax I dressed the tyres with Megs Endurance Gel.

16. We then shared the job of dressing the remaining trim with Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel and a sponge applicator.

17. Then one final wipe down with Smart Detail QD and a MF.

So here are the rest of the afters and reflection shots – I hope you agree that the results are very pleasing and it was a (very long) day well spent.









Thanks for Kevin for being a good sport and thanks for looking and any comments/suggestions greatly received :thumb:

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