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Cooper S Mpg

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Hello everyone,

can anybody confirm what real world MPG they are getting from the new turbocharged cooper s. I am sure I recall the original supercharged version as being a tad thirsty for a 1.6 around the 30mpg mark iirc. The current figures for the new turbo version suggest 45mpg as a composite figure. Is this correct as in the current climate of rocketing fuel costs it could well turn out to be a relatively cheap hot hatch to run.

Any comments regarding this and the new version in general would be welcome. I have been a passenger briefly in an old version but have never driven one. I do 25000 miles a year, current car being a mkV GTi and am slightly worried that it may be a compromise to go for this car. I am also considering a 123d coupe, different car, different price league but i am keeping my options open.

cheers in advance +++


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I'm getting mid 30's at the moment, but expect that to improve as the car runs in (only about 2,000 miles on it currently). The new one is certainly a massive improvement in efficientcy compared to the old supercharged one (CO2 drops from over 200 to 149!!)

Great fun car, but not going to be as smooth as your Golf I wouldn't have thought.

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Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I could not resist it.

Which one did you buy?

Cooper S in a different price league than a 123d (bm troubleyou, I assume)? How much is the van look alike with the tractor engine in the UK? The MINI is in a different class league too - the bm is just another over-rated bm.

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