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GOLFIV - Clutch problems


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2001 - GOLF GT TDI 115bhp - 88k miles

In the last two weeks the clutch on my Golf has failed ie. press the pedal and it sticks to the floor. The clutch slave & master cylinder were only replaced about 3months ago, and the clutch itself about 10months ago.

The first time the pedal stuck the garage said it was an air-lock and just needed bleeding. This time around they are not sure and say it could be a "servo" problem (any explanantions of what this is) or they will just have to investigate.

Has anyone else here experienced similar problems or have any ideas on what the problem may be? I am expecting the garage is going to come back with a lot of things I do not understand, so if anyone has any ideas on what to expect so I can at least challenge what they say.

As always, thanks in advance for any replies.

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