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Okay I managed to public a calendar from Outlook 2007 via office online to restricted user group essentially so it was available to other users on my OC

but they cannot make additions to it by this method.

I was advised that if instead I install IIS, create a virtual directory and publish to it via webdav I would be able to allow other users to add entries to it.

So i dug out tht old XP Pro disc and installed IIS, mde sure its service works, created a virtual directory on D:\calendar and tried to publish to it.

BUt everytime I try I get as far as putting in username/password and then it says upload failed: server returned an error.

Any idea what might be the problem?

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so to upload it I do the following:

rt click "calendar" in Outlook 2007 from my user.

publish to webdav

"location" = http://thomas/calendar

[i set the VD as D:\calendar; I read that address HAS to be in the format http://local_machine/folder]

it gives the "uploading" flash

then I am asked to enter user name password so I enter mine

Then get the Upload failed. Server returned an error.

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