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Wheel tracking Liverpool area?

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I want to get my tracking checked, can anyone recommend a place in/near Liverpool?

Try 4wheelalignment.co.uk, they are ust down the road from you. The take the car back to manufacturers spec. Al 4 wheels are aligned, then your car drives like a dream !

I think I paid about £50, well worth it...!+++

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I've just come back and Im very impressed with them. Totally professional, thorough, friendly and helpful.

The allignment was fine. It was within spec for a car of this age/condition, so it was left alone. However, the same couldn't be said for the wheel balancing.

I had 4 new tyres fitted a few weeks ago, so with the allignment checked and OK, I thought it best to get the balancing checked. Every single wheel was waaaayy out. Two dramatically so. National Tyres appear to have just slapped any old weight, any old where. The guy was gobsmacked at how bad it was. However, so was I when I got the bill for the re-balancing - £45! :(

I now thinking I'll persue the matter with National, try and get some compensation from them. But I fully expect them to tell me to piss off.:mad:

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