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Importing a Classic Car


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hi all,

trying to find info on the costs involved in importing a classic 1976 Porsche 911 from the US. tons of companies out there that want to sell you an import or import it for you at huge cost, but no straight forward info that i can see.

Currently owned by me, but only for a few months.

Just cant get a straight answer on line and cant call the 0870 number the inland revenue site shows from the US! Grrr.

anyone know how much the import duty and VAT will be? i gather that as a classic there is a significant reduction from the 10% and then 17.5% on cost of both car and shipping.

shipping sorted and actually pretty cheap from New Jersey to Tilbury - $800 inc insurance.



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A few yrs ago i had Dodge 3500 Cummins TD, i bought it in the USA. I spend alot of time in the USA and hence have purchased cars there. I wanted to bring it here and did, there were lots of forms. I came to a conclusion that alot of the time you end up filling forms in (here in the UK) handing over money, which seems "right" but not alot of people seem to do it.

In the end i found a company which sold space in empty containers, put on a ship in San Diego in a container with all sorts of boxes in the back that were not mine. About 3 weeks later i collected it from dock over here and was free and drove it for about 18 months.

If you want to REGISTER your car over here for some reason, then you will have to get MOT worthy etc. fit the rear fog, etc.

Heres the thing, you can acutally legally drive a USA car in the UK for i think 6 months before you are suppose to register it. Or if you import it for purpose of permantly keeping it in the UK. I only ever got stopped twice and both times they were just checking to see i diednt have a UK car with wrong number plates. As its your car in the USA, just flash your US Drivers Lisence.

I sold it about a yr ago or so, obviously i told the next owner they needed to SVA it and all that. Seemed happy enough and was sold on through one of those American car import places in Essex.


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