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Golf Mk4 115 PD

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Hi all, I have a Mk4 115PD golf gt tdi. my problem is much the same as many other peoples on here, after say 10 mins of driving, if you try to accelerate/overtake the turbo will sometimes cut out, but as soon as the engine is turned off and then back on the turbo is back in action. the turbo also whistles for 20-30secs when the car is 1st started, and has a lag in every gear around 2900rpm, although this is there sometimes and not others, not sure if either of these are normal? the turbo whistle also seems very loud, but again im not sure if this is normal or not? I have changed the N75 valve, and the N81 (egr?) valve, car ran perfectly for about a month but is now going back to how it was. If anyone has any suggestions they'd be greatly appreciated as the problem is driving me mad! :ffs: thanks for any help

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Welcome to Tyresmoke Gareth +++

With the whistling noise, check all of the pipes - sound like one of them may be split. I've had this happen before and it fixed the problem as soon as it was replaced.

Also, it's probably worth checking the MAF sensor (Mass Air Flow, a.k.a. Air Flow Meter) which sits just after the airbox - these are a common problem on all VWs.

Best of luck!

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It does sound like a split hose to me causing a boost leak. Eventually the ECU won't know what do to as it isn't seeing what it should do and it will back off for safety. Check all the hoses leading from the turbo - it is likely you will find a split and it may be hard to see.

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