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Watson Diesel - Wimbledon

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After having a major problem with my X5 smoking badly on startup I took it to my local main dealer for a diagnosis. When I collected the car I was told that the injectors had failed and all six needed replacing !! A faulty cam sensor was also diagnosed. The work was quoted at almost £2.5k. Having only bought the car 2 months before I was shocked to say the least and didn’t happen to have this sort of money lying around.

I decided to try and find a specialist and used the Bosch website to find someone. Two days before the car was due to go into a garage in Thornton Heath when purely by luck (?) I heard from someone who had had a really bad experience with them (car returned 6 times to fix an oil leak that wasn’t there when the car went in):ffs:.

So back to the website to find another garge. In the meantime a problem developed with the Turbo meaning it stopped working:mad:. By this point I was praying for the car to go missing one night! I located a garage in Wimbledon (not the easiest place to get to from Bexley!) but having had a good recommendation from them and keen to save some money the car was booked in to Watson Diesel, a family run business trading for nearly 60 years.

From the start when I discussed the problem over the phone (interesting chat about work they have done on Alpinas and Schnitzers) to when the car was picked up the customer service, accuracy of advice and value for money was spot on. Sure the garage wasn’t a flash affair with an espresso machine but the work was carried out to my satisfaction using the same parts that BMW would have used (recon Bosch units) and they fixed the turbo issue as well for £1,400 saving me at least a grand.

I genuinely cannot recommend Watson Diesel Limited highly enough.

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After reading this glowing recommendation for Watson Diesel I've just phoned them regarding an issue with my Diesel car expecting good things... :-)

I was met by an attitude of idle indifference verging on the indignant :-(

I do not recommend Watson Diesel as they were at best unhelpful

and at worst just plain rude .

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I have never written a review on any topic previously. However, on reading another customer's experience I felt the requirement to express my satisfaction with Mr Watson's service and advice.

I have been a regular customer for over 20 years and have never been disappointed with repairs and ongoing advice. I have had a number of cars, both Eurpoean and otherwise, all kept in running order for as long as necessitates.

Mr Watson has built a reputable business based on trust and integrity. Previous to meeting Mr Watson I trusted my car services to factory dealer groups, who were less than satisfactory - both technically and financially.

I cannot recommend Watson's enough and hope that this review will allay some of the concerns expressed by others.


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