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Oil Pressure or Oil Level?


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Really confused here....I need a new Oil Sump for my MK4 2000 1.8 T Golf.

I spoke to stealers and they said there are 2, 1 with a Oil Level sensor and 1 without. They said the only person that would know is you(me). I know the Oil Pressure warning lamp is different to the Oil Level sensor but I do not know if I have the Oil Level sensor.

The Oil Pressure warning lamp (red light in a shape of a cannister with a drip of oil) in the book suggest it is the Oil Pressure/Level light but later on it says this is not a Oil Level warning lamp and oil should be checked at regular....

The difference in price is quite a lot...so Im wondering is there any way to find out?

If not can I use the normal oil sump without the Oil level sensor even if I've got an Oil Level sensor?

Sorry for all the questions...this is one of the last problems (hopefully) that needs to be sorted and I'll eventually have a new car to enjoy!

Thanks in advance

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