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Installing Vista


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Despite receiving advice to the contrary, I ordered Vista yesterday, for delivery tomorrow. :Slap:

In preparation for its installation I have a question regarding 'F6' for RAID drivers.

After some brief reading, it appears there is still a point at which drivers can be installed via floppy/usb. It's not 'hit F6' anymore, but 'Load Drivers'. However, I've also read that it's not necessary to do this with Vista and it can be skipped altogether.

Has anyone performed a clean installation of Vista onto a RAID? What did you do?

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Intel Matrix Storage Technology Support RAID 0,1,5,10

Intel ICH9R

I suppose it'll either work or it won't, doing it without "F6'ing" that is.

I'm inclined to download the driver, drop it on a usb stick and use the 'Load Driver' option. Just to make sure.

Thanks. +++

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Thanks Chav. +++

Vista installed. I tried using a floppy to install the Intel RAID drivers. It recognised the floppy and the files on it. But after it retrieved the files there was an error message about not being able to detect the drives (or something). So I cancelled and started again, this time without 'Loading Drivers'. It worked fine.

All hardware/devices seem to have been detected and drivers installed without my intervention. I'm now in the process of reinstalling software.

I did a quick test to see my 'Vista score':

It's very different and I'm still exploring, but I'm happy with it so far.


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you can build a rig for about £300 that gets 5.9 on everything! its the silliest benchmark in the world. a £15 graphics card has plenty of ooomph for windows aero. not quite sure what they are playing at really.

main prob with vista is its even more bloated so you cant get the insane speeds that you can with xp. eg bootup in <4 seconds and instant everything. also windows explorer and windows frames use more screen estate which is sodding annoying for power users. grrrr.

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The only time XP was that quick for me was immediately after a clean installation. After a few months of use, un/installing apps, etc, it was never that fast again.

I'm very impressed with Vista so far. It's just as quick as my last installation (XP64), in fact, it feels very nimble (but then it is a fresh installation). There are loads of impressive features and I'm sure I've only just scratched the surface. They might not be what a 'Power User' wants, but when my wife and I spend so much time in front of the PC, it's nice to have something, nice, to look at.

One more thing - I now have iTunes back.:)

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