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E46 M3 OEM 19inch alloys with Michelin PS2 tyres

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Having just upgraded my wheels to the M3 CSL wheels, I have my original set now for sale.

The wheels are all original BMW parts.

1 front and 1 rear look like they have previously been refurbished. The grey on the inner wheel is not as dark as the other 2 wheels (which I believe to be original). The grey is also starting to peel in a couple of places.

It is these 2 previously refurbed wheels which also have the following defects.

front - small amount of lacquer bubbling around the center cap

rear - 1.5 inch curbing mark on the rim

The tyres are all Michelin Pilot Sport 2.

The fronts have 5-6mm tread depth

The rears have 2mm tread depth

These are on ebay with all the photos but an offer of £580 will secure the sale on here.

BMW M3 19 inch alloy wheels - michelin pilot sport PS2 on eBay, also, BMW, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 17-Jul-08 13:43:21 BST)



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