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wiring for drivers seat - help!


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Finally got the interior dry enough to refit - unfortunately it's such a long time since i removed the seats I can't remember where the small 2 wire black connecter from the floor wiring harness connects. The larger coloured ones are obvious, but for the life of me I cant remember where the small black one goes.

Any help appreciated. - Only the drivers side has the connector



98 A8

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Its not uncommon for there to be spare connectors down there.

On a 1998 you will have 3 or 4 mandatory connectors

Squar(ish) Brown - Main power for seats, connection for seatbelt etc

Squar(ish) Green - Heated seat and airbag / seatbelt sensors

Red two pin - Airbag connector for deployment

Rectangular brown - Memory adjustment (if you have memory seats)

The black one sounds very spare to me and I wouldnt worry about it. You really cant do any harm as you cant get the wrong plugs in the wrong place etc.

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