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1.9 TDi Revo Remap


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Hello! :)

I'm looking at getting a MY07 VW Caddy 1.9 TDi revo'd and wondered if anyone could recommend a decent specialist in the Yorkshire area that could do it for me?

I've also read about a separate device I can buy that will allow me to switch the map back to stock. Do any of you use such a device and can pass on your experiences? Am I right to assume the ECU can handle just a single map and this device will allow me to switch between the Revo software and the stock map or isn't it as straightforward as that?

Thanks in advance. ;)

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If you want a switcheable mapping solution then here's what you do. Contact Jayson at Chipped UK and see what he says about doing your Caddy. They do a device called the ST3 (Self Tuning 3) which gives you the stock map, and a choice of 2 other maps from economy, fast road, and race. You can switch between them as much as you like just by connecting the unit and selecting which map you want. I have the economy map on my Altea and although I don't see a great improvement over stock mpg it's a lot more driveable. It may be that they don't have the ST3 set up for the Caddy yet, but see what he says.

Also, I've sent you a pm about this issue aswell. +++

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