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A6 2.0 TDI Limited Edition


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Seems that Audi are adding lots of bells and whistles to the base A6. Spec includes:

• Milano leather upholstery

• 18’’ 12-spoke polished alloy wheels

• DVD Satellite Navigation including MMI and 6-CD auto-changer

• Dual-zone Electronic Climate Control

• Multi-function steering wheel

started me thinking as for just over £300pm you can get one on pcp.

Is the 2.0 TDi engine massively underpowered in the A6 and is it the new common rail engine?

Anyone with real world experiences of performance and economy, especially with Multitronic?



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Do Audi do the 170bhp version of the 2.0 TDI in the A6? If not then i would think the 140 TDI is pretty woeful performance wise. (I didnt even bother trying it, i have the same engine in our A3 and its good enough in that, but an A6...) Last year i nearly bought an A6 Avant S Line but to get equivelent power of my 5 i needed the 2.7 V6 TDI which isint the best on fuel!

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I don't agree

I came from a 2.4 litre V6 engine (Volvo S80 new model) which is a 185 bhp engine

As it depreciated, I went for an Audi (beginning to think a bad mistake though but thats another story!)

It was a choice between the 2.0 or 2.7 and while most said avoid the 2.0 - I stuck by it simply because of the fuel rises and well in London - where the heck are you going to go with a big engine ...as far as the end of the road in what 30mins? :)

Anyway getting to the point, got a 2.0 tdi A6 sline, very good engine indeed. Yes it was a little slower than the 2.5, dont forget, 40bhp less...but i have NO problem keeping up with people. I also stick to the third lane and 90% of the time, people move out of the way.

I am not saying one bit about speeding, bullying, what I am saying is the 2.0 is a good engine, it has plenty of torque, and can keep up with today's cars (yet you have diesel left after ...they dont :) )

I would go for another 2.0 though I have now driven the 2.7 (was warned against it as I would dislike the 2.0) and to be honest, while there is a difference, the fuel figures make me smile when I get back to my 2.0!

Take the rear badge off...and no one is the wiser either

Oh, you can get a remap for a few hundred to take it up to 170-180 from what I remember

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The A6 (avant) is a heavy old car for the 2.0Tdi to haul around. Strangely although it isn't very rapid it keeps up with most traffic.

If you do mainly motorway or dual carriageway the 2.0Tdi is ok with a fair amount of torque, but if you want a better overall driving experience the 2.7Tdi has to be the way to go!

A remapped 2.0Tdi will yield approx 170bhp, but the smoothness of the 2.7Tdi will never be reached, but it could be a reasonable compromise for you!

Good luck +++

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I was in the same position 520d, 2.0 TDI or 2.7 TDI V6, testdrove them all and went with the 2.7.

The V6 is worth it, the power difference is not that great (hardly any in the case of the 520d) but its the way that power is delivered.

I wouldn't call the 2.0 slow, depends on what your used to I suppose, it would be fine for many people.

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Well here is my little input...

I've just gone from a 4.2 V8 S4 to an A6 (had to change as the wife is now expecting our first baby, and as much fun as the S4 was its not ideal) so having spent a rather long time trying get get rid of the S4 i managed to pick up a 2.0 A6 TDi, and although i've only done 2 days of driving I'm very happy. Sure its not the fastest off the mark, or the smoothist engine, but seeing that the DIS now saying 600+miles before i need to fill up again i think its a good trade.

The 2.0 TDi is enough to get the car about, and I've personally been more than happy with it so far.

Hope it helps you out

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The 2.0TDI PD engine is well suited to the A6. The way it's mounted coupled with the added insulation makes it a nice, quiet cruiser. It obviously won't set the world alight with it's performance but the PD injection means the performance that is there feels punchy and usable.

The special edition looks great with the A8 wheels and I'm sure it'll sell in great numbers.

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I went from a remapped 335i, which was 370bhp and would get to 60mph in 4.5 seconds, it was quick, to a 320d sport touring. That is remapped to around 220bhp and will get to 60mph in 7 seconds. Not once have I felt it sluggish on the road and it will keep up with most things out there, I bet the 2.0tdi can be remapped to nearer 200bhp if you find a tuner that will give you what you want.

I am hooked on 40-50mpg, 550 miles from a tank comapred to 300 is bliss, get into the 2.7tdi or the 330d and you will be back to 30-35mpg again. For me it would be the 2.0tdi with the way things are, if you are going to go bigger get the 3.0tdi.

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