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Key light flashes and engine cuts out


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Hi, sometimes when I start my 95 A8 Quattro the Key light flashes and the engine cuts out straight away.

I have found that if I force the steering wheel around a bit and turn the key to the position - the one before it starts the engine - and wait for the light to go out I can then start the car.

If the light doesnt go out when I wont start the car and I will try moving the steering wheel some more and try again til the light goes out.

Mainly it is a serious pain in the ass, both keys for the car are well worn, the barrel is also quick loose and you can wiggle it about.

I was wondering if anyone knew why the key light is coming on? Is it because the keys are worn? How does it sense the right key is being used?



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This is a common problem (mine had a fit of it a while back).

There are two common causes:

1. The keyreader is faulty (the keyreader is a coil of wire located in the black plastic surround around the key barrel)

2. The wire to the keyreader is faulty.

The bad news is that item 1 is a complete lock barrel replacement so new keys and everything required (and ££££).

The second is an easy fix - and as usual all the info on how to is on PaulW's excellent site....

audipages Immobilizer Wiring Replacement

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