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B7 A4 Clutch


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Quick question for A4 owners past and present: Is it just me, or does the B7 A4 have a particularly weak clutch? Mine's a 2.0T Cab, and parking manouvers on anything other than a dead flat road always seem to lead to the smell of burning clutch...

Now, I've been driving for 20 years or so :o, have had a fair mix of diesel and petrol, manual and auto cars in that time, and probably covered an average of 18k miles a year. I don't remember any other car (including an '03 B6 1.9TDI Avant...) having this issue; our A3 (with a heady 100 bhp :roflmao:) is absolutely fine. Is it a common issue, or is it just mine :confused:



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