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Our New Website and Celebratory Offer


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At Opie Oils we have been making some major changes to our website in order to make it easier for you to navigate and use.

We have added;

A better navigation system making the site quicker and locating products easier.

An "oils by grade", "oils by spec", "oils by type" and "oils by brand" page has been added to help you compare car oil products in 4 different ways, details are here Car Oils | Search by Brand, Type, Specification or Manufacturer

A new look home page with better navigation, clearer sections, more room for special offers and a new best selling products section included, details are here Opie Oils - Oil Recommendations Specialists | Find the right Engine Oil & Performance Products

We have also added some new products, Biodegradable oils, Marine oils and Leisure oils (lawnmowers, that sort of thing)

Your Feedback is very important to us so please have a look and If you have any comments please send them to [email protected]

All Members and Users here are entitled to an automatic discount of a minimum of 10% off the products that we sell just by registering as a Club Member here.


Please remember to select this Club when you register to get your discounts and to tick the notification of special offers via email to get our notification of any special website offers that we have from time to time.

To celebrate these changes we are also running a special carriage free offer on orders over £40

You will need to use this discount code FREESHIP40 at the checkout and then complete you transaction for over £40 to qualify.

Your order must be placed over our website and you will need to be registered as a Member as mentioned above so why not register today, it costs nothing!

This offer will run until Midnight Sunday 20th of July so don't delay if you want to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately we cannot provide free shipping to UK islands (including Ireland), trade or overseas customers.

Please don't forget to give us your feedback on the website changes.

Thanks again

Guy and the Opieoils.co.uk team

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