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Brakes Problem


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Can anyone help with this? A couple of weeks ago, whilst in the Lake District, the travel on the handbrake suddenly increased significantly and the foot brake travel also increased and felt much less effective.

I've since had new discs and pads fitted all round (ouch!), the system bled and the handbrake adjusted. The handbrake seems OK, but the foot brake still doesn't seem to be what it used to be - it's pretty 'soft' feeling and doesn't really convince you that it would stop you quick in an emergency.

Any ideas guys?

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It's been back in the garage and been bled again - there was air in it, apparently. It was better (but still not great) when it returned, but a week or two later it's bad again. Brakes semm pretty soft and a lot of pedal travel. Seems to be better when the brakes are pumped, so I suspect air in the system again. Not sure if it's related, but the handbrake, even after adjustment is also pretty naf.

So 2 questions:

1. Anyone got any ideas on where the air is coming form (there's no apparent loss of fluid)?

2. I seem to recall an earlier thread about some gadget for 'pressure bleeding' the brakes. Is this essential.

Any ideas at all would be most welcome - an A8 that doesn't stop well is not a lot of fun!

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the handbrake doesnt self adjust,It always has same range of motion. the piston self adjusts by unscrewing,with engine running press pedal hard few times, this in turn keeps handbrake adjusted, Any sticking of mechanism causes loss of adjustment, cable should not need adjustment if caliper working correctly,even as pads wear, all on piston.VERY common for hanbrake mechanism to stick, sometimes in hanbrake partialy on position PS gravity bleeding with eng running stops air getting in abs,Remember to remove resavoir lid though.. hope this is of help

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