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Confirm activation of ATA


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Page 21 of the 3.1 Controls and equipment booklet, Opening the Convenience Menu, says:

ATA confirm - The activation of the anti-theft alarm system can be confirmed if required."

I can't see that option in my Settings/Convenience display?

Has anyone got a MY 06 with this option active?

All I've got is:

Door open

Conv. mode

Mirror adjust

Factory setting


Presumably, "...the anti-theft alarm system can be confirmed.." is a 'beep' or other sound?

Thanks, ludwig

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The confirmation is just a beep from the horn. You can active the beep itself and enable the menu option using VagCom and going into the long coding of the central convenience module.

I don't remember exactly where the option is in the long coding but it'll be pretty obvious when you see it.

You can set it to beep the horn and/or flash the indicators when you lock or unlock it using either the key or remote.

I have my .:R32 set to beep when I lock the car using the remote but have the ATA menu hidden (or blocked as it says in VagCom).

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