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cant start my a8


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hi i am new to the forum hello to all but i have this problem i have a 1995 4.2 quattro in the beginning i had a ecu fault and brought a second hand one which i saw in the car and the car started up fine but when i got it home and put it in mine in the usual manner disconnect the battery earth and put the second hand ecu reconnected the battery all was going nice till i tried to start the car the immobilize light started to flash the car starts for a couple of seconds then cuts out and thats all it keeps doing can anybody tell me if i am missing a step does it need to go to audi to be reprogrammed or what can anybody help me its doing my head in any help is welcome regards to all colin.

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The ECU is coded to the key which has a small chip in it. The key is read by a key reader located in the black plastic surround around the lock barrel.

The bad news is that without the key and barrel associated with the 'new' ECU you are pretty much scuppered unless you have all the code details to recode the ECU (these used to come on a tab with the keys but I can pretty much guarantee that you don't have yours unless you are very lucky).

If you are lucky enough to have the tab then you will still need VagCom....

Looks like you may be in for a trip to the stealers to sort this unless IT_S8 or Sven or PaulW happen along and know another way....

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